Finca Alexis


Area: Finca Alexis 1-3 comprise 137,02 ha
(FA 1: 76,25 ha, FA 2: 18,87 ha, FA 3: 41,9 ha)

Location: in the foothills of the Fila Cal (Fila Costeña), close to the village of San Miguel between 215m - 515 m asl.  

Vegetation at purchase: pasture, teak wood plantation, primary and secondary forest.

Date of purchase:
FA1: Taken over from the Verein Regenwald der Österreicher on July 22nd, 2016.
FA2: Purchase on June 2nd, 2016.  
FA3: Purchase on September, 4th 2018.  
Funding: FA1+FA2: Verein Regenwald der Österreicher. FA3: Verein Rainforest Luxemburg.

Reforestation and forest restauration
Natural areas of succession
Forest conservation

Project funding: Universität für Bodenkultur, Verein Rainforest Luxemburg

Bridge to the Finca Alexis

View of the mountains

Finca Alexis y Elias Padilla

Hammock place

Kitchen inside the Finca Alexis farm house

full house (C) Hartmann

Tree nursery on Finca Alexis

Waterfall below Finca Alexis


The Finca Alexis is a conglomerate of three fincas (Finca Alexis 1-3) that were purchased in the past years. All properties are located in the area of the biological corridor along the side arm of the Río Esquinas, which makes them very important for water protection. All in all, the Finca Alexis comprises an area of 137,02 ha.

The Finca Alexis lies in the foothills of the Fila Cal, a limestone mountain range north of the field station with mostly unprotected primary montane rainforests (highest point is the Cerro Anguciana at 1.694 m).The finca is situated 16km from the Tropical Field Station La Gamba at an altitude of 215 m- 515 m asl. This places the finca in the transitional zone between the lowland rainforest and premontane rainforest and represents an important element of the COBIGA project.

An adapted farmhouse on the Finca Alexis is open to visitors and can be used for research. A maximum of 20 people can be housed and fed.  
The drive from the station to the finca takes about one hour. A vehicle with four-wheel drive is necessary to cross the rivers. The drive is not recommended during strong precipitation and may even be impossible. We recommend a minimum stay of two nights.

Rates for the Finca Alexis

48 USD (students), 60 USD (researchers) per day (please make a reservation for the Finca Alexis 1-2 days in advance).

Finca Alexis 1

The Finca Alexis 1 comprises 76.25 ha, of which 49 ha constitute primary forest, 5 ha teak wood plantation and 22 ha pasture. The soils of the Finca Alexis are acidic and especially the deforested areas along the mountain and hill ridges are contaminated with Fe- and Al. The dominant grass on the pastures is Brachiaria brizanta (as of July 2019).
The former pastures were reforested in so-called patches between May 2017 and July 2019. In total, 6.971 trees from 19 species were planted. The most commonly planted trees are: Anacardium excelsum (Anacardiaceae), Inga oerstediana, Zygia longifolia (Fabaceae), Carapa guianensis (Meliaceae), Hieronyma alchorneoides (Euphorbiaceae), Ficus insipida (Moraceae) und Terminalia amazonia (Combretaceae).

Finca Alexis 2

The entire area of the Finca Alexis 2 encompasses 16,87 ha. The finca directly borders the Río Esquinas and the Quebrada sin nombre (local creek), thus closing an important gap between FA1 and FA3. The vegetation is very natural and mainly made up of primary forest, secondary forest and shore vegetation. Large parts of the finca are of difficult access. No reforestation has been undertaken on the property.

Finca Alexis 3

The Finca Alexis 3 has an area of 41,9 ha and contains primary forest, secondary forest, shore vegetation and abandoned pastures. The finca is very heterogenous and comprises flat to steep parts, plateaus, shore areas, head waters etc. The finca borders a sidearm of the Río Esquinas to the east, making it an important water protection area. The area along the river is deeply carved and has gorge character, making it hard to access. The point of maximum elevation lies at 515 m asl. in the lower level of premontane rainforest with floristic montane rainforest influences.