from simple beginnings...

In 1993, the Verein Regenwald der Österreicher bought a finca (a Costa Rican farmhouse) – then little more than a Nissen hut – together with its garden. Through the support of the Verein and the University of Vienna, two students, Werner Huber und Anton Weissenhofer, converted and extended the buildings, and so began the process of turning it into an internationally recognised research station.
Today, the La Gamba Field Station provides a perfect base for scientific research, excursions, fieldwork and study trips in the lowland rainforest of Costa Rica. Over the 20 years since it was established, the field station has been used by countless students, scientists and naturalists from Austria and elsewhere.

Die erste Station im Jahr 1994.

Lab - Office - Kitchen in 1998

New site in 2001

Dining - hall (Comedor) in 2005

Main building 2010

Auditorio and science room in 2014

Panoramic view 2007

Panoramic view 2014

Panoramic view 2018